Custom applications by Dronétix Technologie

Dronétix Technologie is able to develop complete, turnkey solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers.


Autonomous rescue drone

OURANOS ALPHA is an autonomous UAV for locating missing and / or buried persons. It automatically scans the searching area to locate the victim. It then indicates its position by dropping a marker.
Ouranos Alpha allows rescue teams to intervene safely and in record time, greatly increasing victims’ chances of survival.

Autonomous security drone

OURANOS BETA is an autonomous drone solution designed to secure sensitive sites and private properties.
This drone is able to automatically raise doubt on a defined area (fire detection, anomalies, presence of intruders: drone, man, animal …).
Once the threat object has been identified, Ouranos Beta monitors is able to perform specific actions: alerting, neutralizing intruder drones, triggering security systems, etc.

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Solutions de drones autonomes